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terra incognita explores the heartfelt wisdom and wild truths of the climbing tribe. At our core we are quirky creatives fascinated by the unknown. We thrive in pushing our limits and thoroughly enjoy challenging the status quo.  terra incognita is a portfolio of truly eclectic, alternative writing. Our stories reflect the essence and periphery of climbing. 

The whole story, not a half-assed part of the story. We shoot the shit while getting down to the nitty gritty of the epic and of the routine. We aim to shake paradigms. Dismantle them. Reinvent the culture. Over and over again. We talk about all things climbing: achievement and failure, connection, heritage, and evolution. 

terra incognita is about pushing ourselves outside of our perceptions, getting lost, becoming absent so that we can become present. 


what we want

Provacative reads, artistic photos, sharp design and layout. High quality journalism and storytelling. Gritty, raw, funny, shocking, offensive, thought-provoking content. Our definition of climbing culture is broad and encompasses outdoor and indoor, environmental issues, life and death, philosophy, art, training, rehab, and travel. We want to hear about your experience of going into the unknown and coming out wide-eyed. We want to hear about your ego’s ass getting kicked. Show us your research, your analysis, your insights, your scars. We want journalism, not a journal entry. We are looking for conversation-blazing critical essays with experience or evidence to back it up. Interviews with fellow climbers are welcome. 



*Currently we have a need for a nature themed article. This could be advocacy for a certain area, awareness of an environmental group or cause, or general environmental education that the climbing community could benefit from.


Features are 2,000 to 2,500 words of meaty critiques, essays, and articles on climbing culture.

Field Notes are 1,000-1,500 word columns on climbing culture with pieces taking the form of reviews, critical essays, Q&As, climber profiles, crag stories, updates, gear reviews, and tips.

The Crux is made up of witty, wry reflections of climbing culture in a quick, accessible format.

Reviews We also feature film, music, and book reviews. Keep in mind the timeliness of your review.

Climbing Mixtape In addition to article pitches, we are always looking for music fans to curate climbing playlists!

Got a tip? If you have an idea for something we should feature, but don't want to write about it yourself, we're happy to take your suggestions. Please feel free to send links and suggestions to ekmvwf@gmail.com

Photography/Illustrator Guidelines

We accept climbing photography, illustrations, infographics, and comics too.

If interested, please send your portfolio link and any specific suggestions (style, topic) for artwork to Erin Monahan, or send mail (no originals, please!) ekmvwf@gmail.com



We want your badass, epic, serene, introspective, loud or quiet climbing videos. We like posting videos by genuine thinkers and big picture people. We also like brainstorming ideas for a short film that hasn’t been made yet, so talk to us about what you’re cooking up and we can collaborate, because collaboration is a beautiful thing.

We repeat:



send a thought to the founder:

Erin Monahan at ekmvwf@gmail.com