Yetta Stein

With the heart and energy of a mountain, Yetta the crusher talks about how she held her own growing up in the climbing gym surrounded by boys. Yetta reveals what drives her to push her limits, and how she deals with her head game. Yetta talks about "summit fever" and how she dealt with the question, "how far is too far?" In an eloquent and poetic fashion, she describes the ecstasy of the bluebird sky summit and the perfect send. She cautions that this doesn’t always exist. Yetta believes that we are all a little crazy and how climbing is driven by insanity and also calms that insanity. Yetta makes poignant observations about daily life and how climbing puts things into perspective because nothing is as hard as being on Mt. Shuksan in June. She encourages people to get outside whenever they can. She lives by this standard of living: “Do you know how many hours I have left in my life? NOT ENOUGH.” Most profound, Yetta tells us what terra incognita (unknown land), means to her. 


You can find Yetta being a boss at Planet Granite, as she is constantly switching from front desk welcoming committee, to climbing instructor, to seamlessly stepping into the position of coach for the youth. Always on that grind, Yetta can also be found on her bike, her main mode of transportation, zipping around the city, or exploring the mountains as an intern for KAF adventures. She really can't be stopped. A force to be reckoned with, the future is not all doom, gloom, Donald Trump, and climate change, when you know that Yetta is here to change the world.