After researching the petzl ange finesse, comparing it to other draws, and watching a compelling video, I made the decision to buy 12. These draws are lightweight, easy to clean, and pretty to look at. I didn’t realize when I ordered the draws just how small they would be. I have small hands, but even so, these draws are difficult to manage when clipping. Many a times I have been working a project or sweating it out at the crux of a route, and find myself quietly cursing at the miniature carabiner. My thorough research proved to be inadequate. I found out that they make differing sizes of carabiners for their quickdraw and I had ordered the ANGE S, which is the smaller size. 

I wish I would have dug deeper to know that they come in four versions in order to meet a variety of climbing needs. I would recommend ordering the ANGE S for the top carabiner, and ANGE L for the bottom carabiner, so you don’t find yourself stressing about making the clip. For ultimate comfort and ease however, I would say order the ANGE L for both, the top and bottom carabiner. If weight isn’t your main concern, go for the ANGE L carabiners. 

Though even my partners complain about their smurf size status, I hear nothing but good things about cleaning them. These carabiners boast Petzl’s Monofil Keylock technology, which ensures smoother opening and closing, so they never snag. For their tiny size, they are extremely durable. I will also be using them for long alpine, multipitch routes. I think they will come in handy for the longer climbs because they won’t weigh me down when I’m out on the rock all day.


  • Available in four versions to meet a variety of user needs:
    - weight reduction:
    . 10 cm quickdraw with ANGE S on top and bottom
    . 17 cm quickdraw with ANGE S on top and bottom
    - best balance of weight and functionality:
    . 17 cm quickdraw with ANGE S on top and ANGE L on bottom
    - optimal comfort and ease of use:
    . 17 cm quickdraw with ANGE L on top and bottom
  • Ultra-light wire gate ANGE S and ANGE L carabiners:
    - Petzl's MonoFil Keylock ensures smoother opening and closing 

         - optimal size and strength-to-weight ratio

         - the indent on the bottom of the carabiner helps keep the STRING in place